Friday, April 17, 2009


This year the Easter Bunny brought Ava some bubbles, which would be a cherished toy for most babies. But she doesn't like them--she goes to grab them and they just disappear! Who wants to play with a toy that just vanishes in thin air?!

While Ava was napping, we thought we would see what Stella thought of the bubbles. She was extremely expressionless. She would watch them fall, and then wait for her auntie to make some more. So I guess she liked them. Either way they did seem to mesmerize her.

By the way, Ashley didn't know I was taking her picture, and does not like the one of her blowing the bubbles. But I think it turned out way cool, and am posting it against her wishes.


Christy said...

I really like the one of Ashley blowing bubbles. I tried to take cool bubble pictures but the kids were moving around too much in mine and my step dad isn't a cute bubble blower subject so I didn't. :) Yours are great!

Lars and Jenn said...

I also think the pic of her blowing bubbles turned out really cool! I'm glad you posted it. Those mickey mouse hats are way too cute. Love them. I can't wait to take Tay bug to a Disney place!

Sara said...

When I was at BYU I did an internship with the Child Life Specialist at the hospital in Provo. I was in charge of calming all the little ones (and their parents) in the same day surgery dept. Bubbles worked almost 100% of the time to get those little ones to stop screaming so the nurses could do their business. I love bubbles!

angelicindy said...

bubbles are so much fun! I love the way your pics turned out! Plus, you're lucky Ashley loves you because Chris has ways to scare me into taking off pictures I posted that she doesn't like :)