Monday, April 6, 2009


A couple of months ago I let Stella drink out of my glass. She loved it, but it made a mess. So I bought her one of the more expensive sippy cups that they make. She had no interest in it, and would push it out of her face every time I offered it to her. So instead, I thought I would try buying her the cheapest sippy cups they make...they might leak all over, but at least it would be easier for her to get liquid from it, and perhaps she would figure out how to sip on a sippy.

After two days, she finally figured out how to drink from it, but only with me tipping it up. She would try and get water herself by sucking on the bottom or the side of the cup, but found no water there. Yesterday while we were watching conference, Stella was playing on the floor and I heard a sucking sound. I looked down to find Stella on her back with the sippy in her mouth, and she was drinking from it herself! It was cute, and still is.


Christy said...

Someday I'm going to have pictures that fabulous! She's so cute and yeah for learning how to use a sippy!

Anna said...

The cheapest sippys have proved to be our favorite.