Thursday, June 18, 2009


Two weeks ago we went to a surprise party for our friend Jenni. Also attending the party was the most delicious homemade chocolate cake I had ever had in my life. Thankfully, Jenni had the recipe and she sent it my way. I was so excited to make it for Ashley's birthday that for days it was all I talked about, thought about, dreamed about (well, it wasn't THAT bad, but still, I was mildly obsessed). The cake turned out great and I made everyone tell me several times how good it was. We opened presents, had dinner and cake, and then watched Stella perform some new tricks. It was a fun night. Ashley got some great gifts including a Givenchy necklace from little Stella. I am already teaching my daughter to appreciate overpriced designer goods.

Stella experienced a few milestones at the party. The first being climbing the stairs. In fact, she climbed the Bookers' stairs from their sunken living room so fast that NO ONE saw her do it. She was suddenly just in the kitchen (picture not available). Then, after Ava went to bed, Stella started playing with Ava's walker. If we coaxed her into clapping, she would let go and clap, we would kick the walker out from under her, she would realize she was standing, and then topple to the ground. She did it several times, and I am am sure that it was a sign of her starting to walk around any day now. Oh, and I almost forgot that after each standing attempt she would crawl over to me to look at the pictures I had just taken on the camera--SO CUTE!



Christy said...

How cute! Ava's shoes were adorable too. Gotta get that cake recipe so I can try it out.

angelicindy said...

You better be ready to post that chocolate cake recipe because after the day I've had I could really use it!

Looks like a fun party and how exciting that Stella is standing!