Thursday, June 11, 2009


So I can't say that I have ever put much thought into brushing an infant's teeth. I mean, they aren't permanent, so what is the point anyway? Am I really worried that she will get a cavity? Well, Stella started getting food stuck in the middle of her bottom two teeth (mostly grahams and Gerber puffs) and since she smiles so much it was kind of embarrassing. What kind of mom lets her kid go around with food stuck in her teeth? My mom came over the other day with a baby toothbrush and toothpaste that she had bought. At first, Stella was not that interested in putting them in her mouth, until of course she tasted the sweetness of the yummy toddler-safe toothpaste. Now it is a favorite part of her bedtime routine. When I pick up the brush and put the toothpaste on, she does a wiggly dance. Then I tell her to open up and say "ah," and then we brush. She mostly tries to suck out the water and toothpaste from off of the brush. For the most part though, she is very cooperative and we get the job done.

After that I will put on her diaper and that is when she takes things into her own hands. She grabs the toothbrush and toothpaste, touches the toothbrush to the closed toothpaste container and puts the brush in her mouth. Oh, she is so big and independent! Of course, one night she was trying to brush her teeth with her hairbrush, so maybe she still needs a little help from Mom.


angelicindy said...

how brilliant to make toddler safe toothpaste! I swear! Who thinks of these things?!

And I would just like to add that not only does Stella smile all the time, but she has the SWEETEST smile :).

Christy said...

That is awesome!

Brandy said...

I'll have you know that I took Mason to his first dental appt. last week and they suggested I start getting him in the habit of flossing. Such pressure these days. I thought I was doing a remarkable job just getting the kid to enjoy brushing his teeth.
I currently own 5+ baby toothbrushes that ALL have flared bristles from his brushing on his own (chomp, chomp). Love you, Stell! I'm so proud of you!