Friday, June 12, 2009


We had been putting off buying a high chair for Stella for about a year now. I knew it wasn't something we would need right away so I didn't buy one before her arrival. Lately, feeding her has become almost comical. She just takes off. It started to take forever to feed her. As a mom, I felt bad that I wasn't establishing a solid mealtime routine with her, but rather a snack in front of the TV routine. (Which is, of course, the one we have as her parents, but I would like to raise her to be more civilized.)

Well, it took me exactly one feeding to fall in love with the high chair. I finally get why it is such a must have for parents. Stella sits so nicely to eat her little meals. It is great! Yesterday she was able to have some strawberries and they went fast! In the process, she managed to make a mess all over her face, hands, and shirt. She really is starting to look like a big girl.

Since most of you do not have the privilege of sitting with Stella as she devours a strawberry, here is a step-by-step for your enjoyment.

The strawberry is captured and moved close to Stella's watering mouth:
Stella uses her full hand to push the unsuspecting berry further into her mouth and she chomps:
Stella closes her mouth, putting her finger over her lips so as not to let any of the deliciousness of the strawberry escape:
Stella smiles happily with her messy face as she remembers the joy she felt while eating one of nature's best treats.
Mission truly accomplished!


Christy said...

I really enjoy reading your blogs! You are so clever. Those are adorable pictures of Stella, of course. Look at those big baby blues!! :)

Anonymous said...

Im craving strawberries now!

Deming Family said...

I love the chair. It is a must have. I can get so much done while they're strapped in...unload dishes, re-load dishes, clean the kitchen. What would I do with out it?

Jenny said...

That is the cuttest thing ever. I can't stop looking at those blue eyes!