Thursday, June 4, 2009


A few weeks ago this lady at church asked me how I got anything done since I must be constantly distracted by my charming child. I told her the truth: "Well, not only is she adorable, but she naps twice a day too." Stella loves her naps. She only naps in her crib though, a sacrifice I am willing to make for an easy nap time. When she shows signs of being too sleepy to go on with life, I take her upstairs and give her a prized green blanket and she grabs it, sucks her thumb, and drifts off to a long nap.

Today I had to wake her up so I thought I would take some sleeping pictures of her since it might wake her up, and I usually let her wake up on her own. Well as soon as my camera made a tiny sound it woke her up and produced this picture:

Then she commenced to smile and giggle as she always does when her mommy comes to get her after a restful few hours.

Everyone always says that Stella is like her dad. But in one way she is like her mommy all the way...she understands the value of a good nap.


angelicindy said...

here! here! Naps are the best :)

Natalie said...

I believe that the need for little people to nap is God's greatest tender-mercy!! I love that she only sleeps in her crib, Zander too. Occasionally he will conk out in the car, but his good nap is in his own bed. Good job establishing that! Yep, it is a bit of a sacrifice, having to plan your day around naps, but oh well, huh!! SOOOOO worth it!! She is just a doll!

Brandy said...

Oh, Stella, you ARE a charmer. Enjoy the two naps, Michelle, they are only gonna last another 6 months or so. There is no greater feeling than when your baby is that happy to see you.
I love the b&w photo of her feet with the walker.

mistieleigh said...

WHat beautiful blue eyes!