Monday, December 21, 2009


Last night we headed over to Brent's parents house for a little Christmas dinner. On actual Christmas, most everyone but us and Stella's aunt Kathy are going to be somewhere far away so we got together early. Plus, we had a special treat because Brent's brother Peter and his family were in town too. I am especially sad though that John and Valerie won't be there on Christmas since they are moving to Virginia in less than a month, and I am certain to be lonely without my Valerie.

Well, it is official...Stella has finally figured out the deal with presents. We would hand her a present and with no help from us at all she got it unwrapped. Then she would say "oooooh" to whatever treat was inside, and then would want to open another present. Here is a photo vignette I have entitled...

"Stella Unwraps"

Aunt Beth, who generally spoils Stella, gave her a few super fun toys, but she also made Stella a book with each page featuring a letter of her name and then a picture of something that goes with it (an A is for Apple sort of thing). Beth also got her a toy that was a hit with both Stella and her cousin Chloe (same age) AND her cousin Nathan (a few years older) AND her Uncle Peter (much older)! Seriously, I came in the room and found Peter playing with the toy.

Stella sure had fun meeting and playing with her cousins. At one point, I heard some loud growling followed by some loud giggling, and I went downstairs to find Nathan growling at Stella and then Stella laughing with delight each time that he did.

Overall, it was a great night and I am sure that if Stella knew that there was more opening of presents to come she would be so excited, she wouldn't be able to sleep.

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