Friday, December 25, 2009


This just in--Miss Stella Sallay woke up Christmas morning knowing that something special was in the air. Usually she just lays down in her crib waiting for her mother to fetch her, but this morning she was alert and standing in her crib ready for the excitement that accompanies Christmas morning. She ran down the hall and looked down at the Christmas tree to find that Santa had come! Ever the patient child, Stella opened her smaller presents first, saving her biggest present for last. She opened all of her gifts with the skill of a much older child, ripping and saying "ooooh" and "aahhh" with each opened surprise. Meanwhile, her father, Brent Sallay, caught all the action on video. Finally, it was time to find out what was hiding in the big present. Hooray! Her dreams had come true--a chair just her size! She climbed into it immediately and happily discovered that it was the perfect fit. It was a terribly delightful Christmas morning at the home of the Sallay family. This has been Michelle Sallay, reporting for The Sallay Daily.

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