Tuesday, December 8, 2009


My friend Krisi and I decided that we would take each other's family pictures, and this year I had my heart set on driving all the way down to Provo to an apple orchard for our family pics. When Brent caught wind of my idea he was super convinced that we didn't need to go anywhere further than our front yard. I told him that I would be happy to accommodate him, but since he complained about distance last year when we went downtown, I wasn't having it. Pictures are OBVIOUSLY so important to me, is it so much to ask that I get what I want without complaints? (Answer "yes" here.) Okay then, I agree.

I thought I was being all prepared by adding a bouquet to our shoot so Stella would have something to hold, but what I didn't count on was that we would be surrounded by fallen apples and that Stella would be absolutely enthralled with picking them up and then throwing them and yelling "whoa!" So for her, being interrupted by that important task to be in some pictures was certainly not fun. Whenever she would freak out, I kept thinking "No! This isn't happening!" Proof again that no one understands the stress of having family pictures until you actually take family pictures, and we only have one kid!

Anyway, Krisi did a great job and we managed to get some fun pictures. Now that I have had to make myself go through them to decide which ones to send with our card I can post some of my favorites. To see my favorites that I took of Krisi's family you can go HERE.

After Krisi and Eddy took off with their tiny baby I took a few more of Stella, and I let her have her way with the apples most of the time to maximize her happiness.


Christy said...

Oh my gosh! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!! I love the colors you chose also. I remember you telling me what you were gonna do and I think it looks great!

Anna said...

Great, great, great pictures. But my favorite thing about this post is that Stella kept wanting to throw apples and say, "whoa".

angelicindy said...

Oh my goodness! I can see how hard it is to pick because so many of them turned out so great! I think your yellow skirt is adorable. I loved that pic with Stella in the front with the apple and you guys in the background. The apple story is hilarious and it makes the picture of her on the bench looking down on her apple so pretty, but I think my all time favorite is that last one of her picking an apple! I love it! And I can't wait to have a picture of my very own :)

mistieleigh said...

love the shot of her on the bench with the apple...
so much fun! Also, i love the yellow skirt...super stylin girl!
also, how is your dad doing...? i think of him all the time.