Thursday, December 17, 2009


I honestly hate what Christmas does to my shopping life. Nothing is on sale to my satisfaction, and there are people everywhere! And the parking...oh the parking. So I tend to avoid the mall in December, but this past Tuesday I had a coupon that was expiring, so I had to use it and saw while I was there that the "See Santa" line was really short. I was on the phone with Ashley who told me I should just take Stella to see him and get a picture. I decided I was going to do it, until I saw that the cheapest package for pics was $20, and I was NOT going to pay someone $20 for a picture that I could take better myself. I then called Ashley and we commenced to make plans to take the girls to see Santa. When I told Brent about this he said: "I bet Stella will cry." To which I replied: "I sort of hope she does. I love those Santa crying pictures." Yeah, I am that mean some times.

So we started off the adventure with a lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. It was crazy busy, but the girls were really well behaved. It helped that the restaurant brought out a little kid plate and had a pretty decent kids menu. The girls decided to share a quesadilla since everyone knows that you should always share an entree at The Cheesecake Factory because they are too big for one.

Happy kids make happy moms.

After our delicious lunch we were off to see the man they call Santa. Both girls were still in great moods, but as soon as Stella realized that I was going to make her pose with that scary guy, she started freaking out.

The following pictures of the girls are absolutely priceless to me and I loved them all so much I had to post them all.

My mom then finally rescued Stella from Santa. I love this picture because Stella is still staring at him with disgust, and perhaps some fear.

Ava just seemed bored.

Look what a fun new family tradition we started! Can't wait until next year!


Christy said...

That is awesome!! Last year both of my kids weren't happy about Santa. :) We are doing Santa pictures on Tuesday (in Utah) because my Mom wants to go with us. I'm hoping the lines aren't too crazy then.
Those are some great pics of Stella and Ava!

angelicindy said...

Ohmygoodness, that was hilarious! I like your kind of traditions :). I think that one of your mom and Stella in the foreground and Ava and Santa in the back is beautiful. Even Brent would like it if he needed a non-crying pic with Santa!

Kristen said...

Oh man that was great. I agree each of those pictures needed to be included. And that really was a freaky Santa.

Happy days with your dad home :)