Saturday, April 10, 2010


Yesterday was my mommy's birthday. We decided to head to Asian Star for a delicious Chinese dinner. I have to say that the Evans kids were lookin' good. Ashley had on her Chanel necklace, Tyler was wearing the cardigan I helped him find, and I was wearing one of my five new J. Crew headbands. I almost didn't bring my camera since, you know, sometimes I just want to enjoy myself and not have to "capture" life all of the time. But I am so glad I did because the lighting was dreamy, and we happened to run into Krisi, who is the only other person I know that can use my camera. She took a lovely group shot of all of us together. Mom was spoiled with trinkets, one being a teeny-tiny purse from Brighton that I had to buy for Dad on the sly. She was excited to get it, even though she had a hunch it was coming since I had left a Brighton water bottle in her car. Oops!

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angelicindy said...

fun! and, yeah, that headband turned out super cute!