Sunday, April 4, 2010


This year for Easter we decided to have a little hunt for the girls at my parents' house. We got together after conference, and when we finally arrived at their house I found my camera battery totally dead. You can't imagine the panic that shot through my body at the thought of going without having any pictures of Stella on my favorite holiday! So I rushed back home for my backup battery. Unfortunately, by the time we actually had the hunt it was too dark inside to get any really amazing action shots of the girls getting their eggs. Plus, Ava and Stella were FAST!

The hunt pictured is actually the second hunt of the day. While I was getting my camera battery Ava was showing Stella how to find the eggs and helping her to put them in her basket. Either way, Stella's first hunt was a success thanks to my mom and Ashley. They provided all of the adorable Easter items for the girls.

Picture Trivia: What is Stella holding in her hand in some of these pictures? A roll. AKA her dinner. AKA the thing that got stuck to the bottom of my shoe and made us laugh when we realized what it was.


mistieleigh said...

happy easter. i love the curl in Stellas hair. so cute. love both girls' shoes...very stylin'!

angelicindy said...

easter egg hunts are such fun! The girls' dresses are adorable and I loved the colors of the pictures!

John and Valerie said...

Stella is getting so big!! I am glad you went back and got the battery! I sure miss you guys! I love you!!