Sunday, December 19, 2010


Today was Christmas Sunday, which means Stella put on her holiday best and showed those other nursery kids a thing or two about style. (Well, that is actually every week, but that is for another blog post.) Being my daughter, she is so over doing anything after three long hours of church so this was a short and only half successful photo shoot. But she still looked so stinking festive in her puffy dress as you will see.

During sacrament, Stella loved all of the songs during the program, and when ever we were asked to sing with the choir Stella told Dad he was to pretend to play the piano, Mom the drums, and she the guitar. If we stopped pretending to do it she would get testy. I was kind of surprised that she could so easily assign us just the right instruments to make a band. Maybe not a band that should play at sacrament, but that is only a minor quibble.


Christy said...

I have no doubt that she was the best dressed kid in nursery! What an adorable little outfit! I also love her outfit that she wore to the Sallays.
The kids and I are sick so we didn't go to church yesterday and I was really upset only because that meant Cali didn't get to wear her Christmas dress and I know she would have been the best dressed and cutest kid in our nursery. :)

John and Valerie said...

She is so cute!! I sure miss you guys!

angelicindy said...

I love that one of her by the door! Very festive :)