Sunday, December 26, 2010


After a successful morning of opening gifts at our house, we headed out to my parents' house for some more fun. The first present that Stella got was a pretend microphone from Ava that lit up and sang "Bibbidy-Bobbidy-Boo," which we were able to hear over and over again, often in stereo since Ava also had one and loved hers as well. Stella rarely put it down the whole rest of the day, which made it a little bit trickier to open gifts since she only had one hand at her disposal.

Some other Christmas highlights were:
  • Grandma bought both girls huge princess blankets, but both my dad and I loved them. We were spotted snuggling with them at various points throughout the rest of the day.
  • Me scoring a "slam dunk" (as Ashley called it) by getting my dad a book featuring pictures of Salt Lake City "then and now."
  • My dad bought a book for Riley that my mom saw and said she wanted so he wrapped it and gave it to her. Then, unknowingly I bought that same book for Riley so he got it anyway.
  • The Tinkerbell umbrellas were a hit...literally. They hit all of us, and Ava even knocked down the tree as she walked by it with her open umbrella.
  • The girls loved their big presents from Santa. Ava got a computer, and Stella the cash register that she has wanted forever.
Later that night we had an informal ham dinner, and my grandpa and Brent's family came over as well. Then we were all entertained by the always awesome yo-yo stylings of Riley Booker. Riley is super on the yo-yo and I just barely learned this after knowing him almost eight years now. I can't get enough of his tricks (or their names) and it was a great ending to a very fun day.

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