Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Well, if you remember (and really, how could you forget?) last year Stella freaked out when I made her sit on Santa's lap. So while we were getting in the car on our way to see Santa today Stella kept telling me: "Mom, I not cry see Santa." And she didn't. She was super excited when it was her turn and she walked right up to him and got up on his lap. She told him what she wanted (a piano), and wished him a Merry Christmas. Santa did not ask if she had been naughty or nice, because anyone can see that Stella is very nice most of the time.

The official Santa picture is adorable:

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Christy said...

Awesome! The girls look so cute! Cali screamed when I put her on Santa's lap and didn't stop till she was a few feet away from him. I think it's cuz my Mom took so long shopping on our way to Santa that it was over an hour past nap time by the time we got in line. She was TIRED and I was NOT happy that it took so long to get to santa that it resulted in a screaming picture... even if it is still a cute one. You'll see when I post it.
Stella and Ava look adorable though! Those two are such cute little buddies. :)