Saturday, May 31, 2014


Easter was lovely this year. It was just a nice calm pretty day, and the worst thing about it was after our early Easter egg hunt I had to quickly choose which Kate Spade outfit to wear so we wouldn't be late to church. We couldn't be late because Stella had to give a talk in primary. She did a great job and wrote a lot of it with a little help from her momma right before bedtime.

Here is her talk:

I love spring. I love to run in the grass, and hear the birds tweet. I enjoy the warm weather that makes it fun to play outside and look at the flowers on the popcorn trees.

Another thing I love about spring is Easter. Easter is my second favorite holiday. I love finding the eggs and having fun with my family. But Easter is more important than just finding eggs that the Easter Bunny hid in your house.

We celebrate Easter because it was on Easter that Jesus was resurrected. Being resurrected means that after you die your body and spirit are separated. Then when you are resurrected your body and spirit are together again. Your body is perfect and you will live forever. Because Jesus died and was resurrected all of us in the primary room will be ressurrected along with everyone who has ever lived on earth.

So I love Easter because it is a fun holiday, but it is important to remember that we celebrate Easter because of the great gift that Jesus gave us.

That afternoon, I took my new phone to dinner at my mom's house and Instagrammed all of the best pics. It was a fun night and I just mostly cuddled Finn and enjoyed my first attempt at deviled eggs. Easter did its job and was wonderful in 2014.

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Geoff and Christy said...

So awesome! I love all the pics of you guys outside! It's so fun now that you have instagram because I get to see these so much faster! Haha.