Saturday, May 31, 2014


On April 27, 2014, Michelle Marie Sallay kind of felt adorable in her little sassy dress. So she said to her daughter Stella Marie Sallay, "Lets have a photo shoot after my Sunday nap." Stella was totally on board--well, as long as a trip to the park was included in the adventure.

Michelle and Stella took quite a few pictures from Mommy's phone, but Michelle loves the control she has when she uses her real camera so she took some with that too. And she also loves the interesting pics her daughter Stella comes up with when she has her hands on that expensive piece of equipment.

They both admit, there are more than enough pictures...




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Geoff and Christy said...

I LOVE your dress!! Stella's too of course. ;) All those dandelions are so pretty blowing around next to Stella!