Wednesday, July 27, 2016


So we woke up Monday morning after we had sent the older Gummows to scout camp and it was 70ish degrees out. Too cold for the water park, but just perfect for a day at the zoo. We made a stop at Ruth's for breakfast first since we were in the neighborhood. The food there is always pretty good, but the atmosphere is top shelf so it was an enjoyable breakfast/lunch.

We were on a kick about making jokes about always taking pictures of your food before you eat it so we obviously had to get pictures of the mile high biscuits.

We were not the only ones who had the idea to visit the zoo on a day where the temperature was not set to sizzling. It was pretty busy, but we were able to move around the crowds and had some awesome views of the animals. I think everyone's favorites were the apes. There was a baby who was pretty active and then the mom came in and sat right in front of us and hung out, and then both the baby and the mom sat down, had a snack, and cuddled a bit. Wyn said he was going to remember that moment for the rest of his life.

Stella was extremely interested in going on the train. It does cost extra so I tried to get her to not want to go, especially since she doesn't even really care about going on the one at Lagoon, but she wasn't having it. You do get a better view of some of the animals, but it was too fast and too short in my opinion.

We then made our way to my parents' house to go out for dinner. Ashley and Brent met up with us and we initially tried to eat at The Cheesecake Factory. It was a two hour wait though, so we went to Brio, which even though it was empty they still hadn't seated us after 15 minutes, so we walked over to Joseph Smith Memorial for some sandwiches. But then I is Monday, I bet they are closed, and sure enough it was! So we finally settled on Blue Lemon after we realized that we must be cursed. It worked out great though and we had to take more pictures of our food, because we are hilarious. It is always good to have photographic evidence that we are the best.

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