Wednesday, July 13, 2016


So often our blog is filled with adorable and silly antics of our Stella, but Brent's silly and adorable antics often go ignored. I now present a story of Brent and the Camping Equipment.

So while Stella and I were in Idaho, Brent attended the ward's father and son campout. He borrowed a tent and sleeping bag from his parents. He went to great effort to make sure that his dinner would be awesome by making a nice tin foil dinner as he got himself ready for the night. He had a good time, but one issue was that he got a terrible night's sleep. Now I have always associated camping with getting terrible sleep and so I wasn't shocked, but Brent wasn't having it. He figured out that the only people up camping with him that had gotten a good night's sleep were the Sherrods who had cots to sleep on. So what does he do? He goes and buys our family two cots. Yes, we, the family that has never been camping in all of our 12 years together, are now the proud owners of cots. To make sure he was happy with his purchase he even set up a cot in his room and slept on it for a few nights while we were gone.

So we have this ward family camp out coming up, and so when I see a deal on kid's sleeping bags I decide to buy one, which leads to me getting Brent a sleeping bag, which leads to a long night of deciding which tent to buy. We had to buy one that would be good for the cots, mind you, so it was a big decision.

Stella and Brent decided to have a sleepover in the tent with the cots the night before the Fourth. Stella was a great assistant as she helped set up our new tent for the first time. As they both settled down for bed, the first of some very loud fireworks went off. Thankfully Stella fell asleep, but it was a long night for Daddy. It was a good time for Stella though so I think it was worth it.

So only the future can tell if we will ever use this tent again, but hey, now we have it! We are officially ready to camp!

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