Thursday, July 14, 2016


After spending so much time with her Gummow boys, Stella was all about playing some baseball for herself. I asked Grandma and Grandpa Sallay to bring over their baseball stuff for the Fourth and we had some fun playing ball after our delicious dinner. Stella is awesome at it and loves having more than just her dad to play with. I even took a turn at pitching and every time someone hit the ball at all I would involuntarily scream like crazy. I generally am so scared when balls come flying my way. I must have PTSD from some game in my childhood or something. Anyway, our all-American baseball game was totally fun.

I made my famous cupcakes and Stella helped to decorate them. They were a hit, and looked terribly patriotic.

Our firework show ended up being really fun. Mostly. We saw our neighbors the Giddings out and I kept joking that we would try not to attack them with fireworks as long as they wouldn't attack us. I spoke too soon...

Pretty soon we had Ady and Preston join us and then Lindsey and Asher. So we had a great fun group and our neighborhood was lighting up the sky. We probably could have gotten away with buying zero fireworks really. So our second to last one was one of my favorites: Luck O the Irish, and after the second shot up in the air it started shooting out to the side, THEN one went right up to the Giddings door. We were so lucky that I set the big ones off down the street from us now, or it would have been even more scary than it was. The last shot that is the biggest, exploded down the street so we were all okay. But it definitely put a damper on the fun. I guess you are supposed to put bricks around your fireworks to keep them from tipping over, so we will be doing that from now on...if I even buy any next year. Stella announced all the fireworks again as per our tradition and when I told her that I might not buy them next year she cried and said: "Why would you do this to your only daughter?! Why would you make her not love fireworks anymore?!" Oh my dramatic baby. Her life is really so hard. 

Overall though it was such a fun night and I really love celebrating Independence Day.

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