Friday, December 5, 2008


You may have been wondering why you didn't see any pictures of Stella the night we decorated the Christmas tree. Well she was asleep during the affair, and when we showed it to her all decorated she seemed sort of interested in the glowing lights. She reached for a dangling fruit...and as she tried to grab it, the fruit flew in the air attacking her. Of course she started crying. After she calmed down we tried to get her close to the tree again, and again...shrieks of fear. (Perhaps she was angry that it was not a "real" tree as she imagined.)

She seems to have accepted the intruder, and I have tried to get some pictures of her when I get home from work. But with the low light causing my shutter to be slow, all I get is a blurry baby face. Today I took the day off and finally got a chance to take a picture of the best Christmas gift ever, Stella Bella with our first ever tree that I bought in honor of her impending arrival.


Brandy said...

So cute! I have ultimately decided against putting up a tree at all this year. Mason is too into everything. He'll pull it over on himself or just pull every ornament off. Not worth it, I figure. Am I a scrooge? Please note that my blog will soon feature a Michelle Sallay photo of Mason as the main picture! I am still falling in love with the pictures daily. Christmas cards are also in the making, using said pictures. You ROCK!

angelicindy said...

Aww. Look at those cheeks! I feel like I must me going through some cheek kissing withdraws :)