Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I like Christmas as much as most people. However I have never been able to fully appreicate the holiday because I hate the cold and snow that goes with the celebration. I am more of an Easter girl myself. Yet there are a few things that are special about Christmas that I love and look forward to every year.

1. My Christmas cards. I love to send them, and I love to get them. At our house they get displayed on the back of our front door, and when it is time to take them down it is so sad to see a plain old boring white door again. Each year I usually write a very detailed, hilarious letter sharing the events of the year. I skipped it for 2008. Perhaps my extremely comprehensive blog made me feel like it would be repetitive. I decided not to do something I didn't feel like doing just because I always do it. I swear to never be a slave to the demands of the holidays. Christmas is supposed to be fun!

2. Ever since I can remember I have been terribly tickled by Santas in a star shape. They are exactly what they sound like--a Santa Claus with the head and four limbs forming the five points of a star. You would think these guys would be all over the place each year, but they're NOT. They are really hard to find and so I am always thrilled when I find one. If you ever see one out and about, please buy it for me and I will pay you back.

For Christmas Eve I have dressed Stella in her blue holiday wear, shunning the traditional red that she wore to church. Because she is still too little to run away from me I had her pose with my two favorite holiday treats. We really wish you a Merry Christmas, and hope you look forward to reading about Stella's first ever Christmas day!


Monica N Newton said...

Hello Michelle,

Love the family... Stella is just to cute for words, but you dont need me telling you that.. I should do something like this for Annabelle. I am taking photos all the time.. Miss You, Looking to come to UT in March.. Hope to see you.

Christy said...

I was so excited that we made it on your door before this picture was taken! Very cute idea... I love to display mine and it didn't seem like I had room this year for everyones. You, of course, are on my fridge all year long so I just replace your old one with your new one. :) Everyone else is in a pile waiting to go somewhere.

angelicindy said...

I think that's what the season special... you take a tradition and just enjoy it without getting to caught up in repetiveness of it. :)

About Us said...

I do the Christmas cards on my door too! I am so happy I made it on your door! Your pics are so adorable (your baby is the sweetest).