Monday, December 15, 2008


About two weeks ago Brent was home alone with Stella. He put her on her tummy and gave her one of her toys to reach for. He walked away, and when he came back she had the toy in her hands. He wondered how she got it since he put it out of her reach. So he tried it again, and was able to witness (drumroll) Stella, the baby genius. Since she can't crawl or scoot to the toy yet, Stella grabbed the blanket and pulled it to her...making the toy come to her! I thought this might be a one time thing, but it isn't...she is really determined to get those toys time and time again! Here is the process for you:

Step 1: Baby spots toy, but it is out of reach:
Step 2: Baby pulls blanket to make toy move to her:
Step 3: Baby's heart rate rises now since she almost has toy:
Step 4: Baby now has toy and puts it in her mouth as a sign of victory:
Note: There have been no doctoring or "momming" of photographs. Pictures taken are of actual baby-induced events. Baby's mom did not move toy or blanket to prove her baby is a genius, baby just happens to have reached genius status on her own.


angelicindy said...

what a clever little baby! It's so amazing to watch them discover and interact with the world around them. I can just hear you giggling as you take pictures of her moving the blanket closer. :) thanks for the post!

Sara said...

It's the little things in a mommy's life that make living worthwhile. I really think your child is a genius. Problem solving at her age?!?!? That is impressive. :)

Anna said...

She is a baby genius!

Christy said...

That is pretty smart! I'm not surprised that she's a clever little thing with you as a mom though. :)