Monday, December 22, 2008


I have put off feeding Stella solids as long as I could because honestly I didn't want the hassle. Feeding Stella a bottle is so stinking easy, and she loves them so there seemed to be no reason to traumatize the both of us with rice cereal.

Today we went to Stella's six month appointment and I decided we should give it a try. At first she seemed confused, wondering why we were messing with this instead of the bottle that was just right next to her. But after a few bites she was in love. She kept grabbing the spoon and the bowl and smacking her lips with each bite. Just wait until I give her something with flavor. Oh, my baby is growing up too fast, but it is so cute to watch each new adventure.

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Brandy said...

Personally, I'm still not liking solid food feeding vs. bottles. Mason is a finicky eater, so he is basically only fed snacks 90% of the time. I love mornings and night when I can just throw some milk in a sippy cup and call it good!