Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Here's Stella, happy in the car on her way to a covert operation. Read on to hear about our espionage-like affairs.

If you follow my little blog at all, you have no doubt realized that I have absolutely no shame when it comes to taking pictures. I have embarrassed both friends and family with my zealous nature. I don't really care what people think most of the time...so I simply get over it, especially when pictures are involved. Well folks, I found my match...Target.

Any time I go to Target, I am always fascinated with all the neon lighting and the colorful and clean food shelves. I have ALWAYS wanted to take pictures there. Well, Stella has a new development--she sits in the front part of the cart. (The place where I used to put my designer purse has now been taken over by my baby!) How does Stella feel about the new change? She loves it! She is thrilled with the new view and loves to look at the colorful shelves and interesting shoppers.

Yesterday Stella and I had to go to Target. I already decided that I wanted to take my camera and get pictures of her sitting in the cart. I was surprised that I felt silly about it even before we left the house, but I took my camera anyway. I meandered around the store before arriving at my desired aisle: frozen foods. I was terribly bashful about being a crazy person who wants to take pictures at Target so I only took out the camera when I thought we were alone, putting it in my bag when someone came around the corner. If anyone did see me, they must have thought I was a loon. Maybe I am, but I have to say...the few pictures I took are AWESOME, and I love them. Worth it to be crazy once again. Will I ever learn my lesson?


Christy said...

How fun! Those did turn out awesome!! :)

Anna said...

I love the profile shot.

Brandy said...

There is never shame in great photography. Nikon means to have power over or to destroy! (which is much more impressive than Minolta's meaning, "ripening fields of rice" in Japanese)
I took pictures of Mason in Zurchers yesterday using all their ST. Patty's day garb, without buying any of it!

angelicindy said...

horray! I love it when you go crazy! :) They turned out so great; I love the colors and the graphic quality to it. Hmm. I don't want that to sound naughty; myabe I should say I like the lines of it. :)