Monday, March 2, 2009


I have a love affair with spring. When Brent and I were dating I cornered him in October and said: "Do you want to marry me, because if you do I need to start planning...I want an April wedding and so I need to get started." It is amazing that he still wanted to marry me. However, I took the risk because I love spring THAT much.

All of the spring flowers delight me. I favor the tulip for its sleek modern look, but I giggle at the sights of the daffodil and the crocus varieties as well. My mom spotted some crocuses coming up in my front yard buried underneath old dead ground cover. So, I cleaned up my yard a bit, and wanted to take some pictures of these happy babies before they die after some future night of cold and frost.

You know, there is nothing bad about spring. It might snow a few times, but I totally prefer the snow of spring to the snow of fall, when you know there is a future of that nasty stuff for months to come. Hooray for spring bulbs returning with new life year after year. What a great idea!

By the way, we have a little bit of Spring inside as well...Stella has sprouted two tiny teeth on her bottom gums!


Brandy said...

Funny you posted this today. As I sat and waited at a job interview, I gazed out the front glass door to see purple and yellow crocuses peeking through the bark. I smiled at them. I'm sure the receptionist wondered what I was thinking, but it made me ridiculously happy! I TOTALLY get it!

mistieleigh said...

Oh boy! The color is already poking through!! My little babies are still colorless but i know the day is coming soon for a few of them. i can't wait!! YAYY for spring. There is hope!
And once again... so sad i missed the party!