Friday, March 13, 2009


I just got back from Idaho. My super talented BFF is in charge of this event called the Mayor's Scholarship Fund. Is is a really great scholarship geared toward good students who might not have the other typical characteristics of a student eligible for scholarships or financial aid. The event ends with a rather lovely dinner recognizing the recipients, and they have this lovely catalog where the winners are pictured with their various bios. It is all very lovely. We had talked about me coming up while Craig was out of town, and she mentioned that it would be the days they would be making the video they show at the reception and taking their pictures for the lovely catalog. She was also in a jam--the guy that had taken the pictures last year was not returning her calls or emails. So we came to the genius conclusion that I should come up, keep her company, and take the pictures for her. (Pictures are posted on the photography blog.) My mom was kind enough to come with me and watch Stella and the boys while we were working. Thanks mumsie! Here are some of our adventures:

I spent hours making a book on for Heidi with old pictures and emails of our eleven year friendship and I gave it to her for her birthday. Here she is enjoying the book after she was able to wipe away the tears of love and joy.

Cy is learning the guitar. He got one for Christmas and loves to play it. What a talented little 6 year old! Soon he will be recording in Uncle Brent's studio.

Catcher is mad about Star Wars (which he calls Tar Wars). He was happy to model all of his toys. The one pictured alone is one of Craig's from when he was little that he lets Catcher play with.

Oh, and Stella was there at all times looking most beautiful as she spent time with her cousins, who she just could NOT keep her eyes off of.

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