Friday, March 27, 2009


My crazy friend Heather has entered the Mrs. Utah beauty pageant. When she announced this idea back in November, I thought for sure her usual ADHD behavior would keep her from following through with such a plan. But once she paid the expensive entrance fee, she was in it to win it. As an avid fan of watching pageants for both the very young and old, I have been helping Heather here and there to prepare her for her big moment of competition in April.

Last night the pageant hosted a Gala event at beautiful La Caille to raise money to help the costs that the winner of Mrs. Utah has as she is trying to promote her platform and be beautiful at the same time. Ashley and I went to support our little pageant queen and we had a delightful time.

The event looked like a wedding, so of course I took a ton of pictures that I will post on my photo blog. And since these are the pictures that the PROFESSIONAL photographer took with my camera (he and I had twin cameras) of us girls with the first black Heisman trophy winner, Johnny "the Jet" Rodgers, I feel pretty confident in my chances of becoming a professional photographer myself.


Nicole said...

You girls are adorable! And your pictures are worlds better.

Christy said...

You're pictures are amazing as usual. I LOVE your hair! Looks like you got it cut and highlighted? You look adorable and super fancy in your outfit. :)

angelicindy said...

What's with the lighting on the last two? Were those his?

You guys looked like you had a blast. There were a couple of pictures where I found laugh out loud faces. So perfect!

I think my favorite picture is the table number 19. I don't know why, but it speaks to me.

Jenny said...

Wow, you guys are gorgeous! Looks like an awsome ladies night out.

Kristen said...

Your pictures are much better than the professional's! Why did he cut off the people on the end? It reminds me of mission pics taken by the Nicaraguans who have no sense for space. I think next year you will be the professional that is hired instead.

Deming Family said...

You look amazing! What a fun excuse to get all dressed up in fancy (non-church) clothes, beautiful jewelry, and good friends for a fun night!