Thursday, March 5, 2009


I cannot possibly be the first mom to think this, but here it is anyway: "Why on earth am I spending money on toys to stimulate and entertain my baby when what she really loves to play with is trash?"

The first of Stella's current favorite toys is the empty bag of Bugles which crinkles to her delight...I have only allowed her to play with this since she has been sick, and I figure she deserves a little joy in her life. If Stella is allowed a few seconds alone to grab open bags of chips and candy then she will definitely decorate our living room with said chips and candy as she waves the bag around, completely ignoring the food inside as she is only after the bag. (Past victims include a bag of Fritos, Starbursts, and a completely different bag of Bugles than the bag pictured here.)

Her other favorite toy is one that she and cousin Ava spent all Saturday night fighting over: an empty Propel water bottle with one penny in it. Ashley put the penny in it to further thrill Ava, and then when Stella saw it she just HAD to have it. They went back and forth stealing it from each other until Ashley said that Stella could take the water bottle home. She still loves it, and has played with it for HOURS...I'm not kidding...HOURS!

If anyone is looking for a new business idea, I think I have stumbled upon a winner. The lady that invented the Boppy just made a pillow and now is rich beyond her wildest dreams. Perhaps I should open up "Trashy Baby Boutique" and sell garbage to the baby's moms that are looking for something cheap to entertain baby. People laughed when they started bottling water...they said: "Why would people pay for something they can get for free?" Same theory applies here. Anyone want to invest?


Christy said...

That's hilarious! It really is funny that silly things entertain babies. I love her teeth! They are so cute and you can definitely see them!

Anonymous said...

A penny in a water bottle? I truly am a genuis! I love these pics. I am just so thrilled to have touched my little niece's life in such a way.

angelicindy said...

i distinctly remember an evening with my first nepehew Daniel. He piled up empty containers of wet wipes and pushed them over. And then laugh and laugh. Then we laughed. Then he laughed. And then we did it again. For an ENTIRE evening! :)

About Us said...

I will invest! You can pick up my investment once a week, and I will leave it in a bin out in front of my house. :-)
This is why I don't buy my kids very many toys. They usually get clothes or books for their birthdays.

Anonymous said...


Brandy said...

May I warn you, that not everybody sees our 'mom ideas' as spectacular. I got many a concerned 'look' as Mason once had a penny in an empty prescription pill bottle. Completely CHILDPROOF, and yet, still people looked as though I was letting my child play with scissors.
That being said, I will absolutely invest all of my trash to your boutique. Allow me to suggest a few others...milk jugs, plastic lid 'frisbees' from any Gerber snack food, newspaper/ads, paint mixing sticks, and of course, an empty Tylenol bottle with dropper!