Friday, March 20, 2009


Stella is nine months today, and it perhaps the most beautiful and delightful child I could ever imagine. As a healthy nine month-er, Stella has many tricks, talents and amazing abilities. Here is a list of her new found skills:

  • She loves to clap and now will clap on the command of "Stella, play patty cake". (when she wants to, of course.)
  • She has expanded her verbal repertoire from just "mama" to "baba" So sometimes she says "mama, baba" Which is a complete sentence as far as I am concerned.
  • She has yet to figure out crawling, but she scoots all around the room. Currently she can only travel backwards and lets me know when she gets stuck with a helpless whine.
  • She unintentionally gets into trouble, i.e. opening and emptying drawers, spreading her diapers all over the room, emptying bags of chips to go after the bag etc.
  • She is currently my number one model, especially since she doesn't know how to crawl away from the camera just yet.
  • She gets excited when she is picked up and taken anywhere...even if it is upstairs or into the kitchen.
  • She loves to drink water from a cup (with help), but refuses to figure out how a sippy cup works.
  • She gets a million compliments of her adorableness wherever she goes. Even in the grocery store parking lot. (You aren't blind, you can tell why ;) )
Does anyone know how to stop your adorable nine month old baby to stop growing so fast? Is there a diet I don't know about? Any information would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

These pictures are AMAZING! She looks absolutly lovely. Ash