Wednesday, July 1, 2009


It is so interesting to watch Stella reach all of the usual baby milestones. Recently she has begun to conquer the stairs. And she loves it. In fact, after one climb up all she wants is to be taken back down again so she can climb up again. She is pretty good at it these days, and taking pictures was tricky because she was on the move. This is a dangerous new skill, but I can't stop her--she has to learn. With climbing the stairs now, along with her other new skills of pointing to what she wants and singing to music (very different from her talking), Stella is proving to be a great talent!


angelicindy said...

Great pics, Michelle! It's clear she really enjoys climbing those stairs. I wonder where our joy for stairs went?!

mistieleigh said...

The last picture of her is yummy, yummy!!! She has this little face that you just want to nibble on!