Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Stella never really lets me snuggle her. She is always wiggling off to the next adventure. Last night though, after her bottle (yesterday was her first day of milk bottles--no more formula here!) she sat with me as we watched television. Stella has her own remote. She found it one day and I let her play with it since it no longer works. However, it was probably a bad idea because now she thinks she can play with any remote at any time. Last night when we were snuggling, which was cute enough, I realized that we were both holding our remotes, upping the ante of the cute factor. So I made Brent come and take a picture. I hate how big she looks here, but it is still adorable.


angelicindy said...

lol. That is sweet! She IS starting to look grown up. How time flies. I love that you are careful to enjoy it :)

Christy said...

She does look like she's getting so big! Her hair is adorable!! I love it!!

mistieleigh said...

I remember the first day that Seneka actually sat there and let me snuggle her while we watched was probably aroudn the same age as Stella is now. Dont worry though, it didnt last!