Saturday, July 4, 2009


I am not known to be the type of person that buys holiday-themed tops for myself, Brent, or even Stella. But my mom gave this outfit to Stella on her birthday for the 4th of July. I had to admit that it was rather festive. This is Stella's first holiday that she is not experiencing for the first time. I wish her parents had a big day of events planned, but we don't. However, we still are happy to be part of a great country that is our home, and obviously, so is Stella--our All American Girl.


Christy said...

very cute! My kids are festive also even though we have no big plans. :)

Anna said...

I love that second picture. She looks like she is just so pleased and is scrunching up her little shoulders. SO cute.

Lars, Jenn & Taylee said...

That is such a cute scrunchy face miss Stella. I can't believe how big she is!