Tuesday, July 14, 2009


When I decided that I would start college early and attend a summer term so I could be accepted into Ricks College, I was really scared to go up to school not knowing anyone. I was super lucky though, and I had the funnest six weeks with some really amazing roommates. The last time the three of us were all together it was 1998! It has been a terribly short 11 years. Of course, with some people that would make it a little awkward, but not with these two! We picked up right away with giggles and stories. Emily was in town from California and was the one who organized our get together, and I guess it shows that Facebook can't be all bad if it means I get to step back in time for a few hours and pretend I am 18 again. After dinner, we headed to the mall and took Emily to all of the Utah layering shirt stores, where Jodi was kind enough to introduce Emily to everyone as a girl from California. I thought it was very thoughtful, as they don't seem to see many outsiders in Provo. So, 11 years, 3 husbands, and 7 kids (mostly Jodi's) later, we still had the funnest time together. Thanks girls!

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