Sunday, November 1, 2009


Taking my daughter out for her first official trick-or-treating experience was WAY more fun than I ever thought possible. About halfway through our night, both Stella and Ava had the basics of getting candy from strangers down.
  • We would help them up the steps of the houses, and then Stella would knock on the door.
  • When someone would come to the door, we would all yell "trick or treat!" (I think that most of the time, the girls would actually yell something that sounded close to "trick or treat!")
  • Then the person giving out the candy would bask in the adorableness of the girls while handing them candy.
  • Most of the time, the girls would know to take the candy and put it in their pumpkins, yet sometimes they didn't want to let the candy go.
  • The last step was saying "bye bye," which both girls would do at every house, often saying it several times.
  • As we would walk to the next house, they would giggle with delight.
  • They would NEVER--I repeat, NEVER--let go of their pumpkins. They even both fell over a couple of times, but still kept death grips on those 99 cent pumpkins.
When we had finished getting candy from our neighbors, we went out to dinner. After we got home, Stella was still enthralled with her pumpkin full of candy. Of two facts she was certain:

1. That everything in that pumpkin tasted delicious.
2. That it was all hers, and SHE had earned it.

After letting her try out a few treats, it was obviously time for bed. Stella totally had a tantrum and did not want to stop eating candy. Even though she was acting insane, I couldn't blame her. In fact, I thought it might have been her cutest tantrum to date.

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Christy said...

That is so cute! Both girls look so adorable in their costumes! Halloween with kids really is so much more fun!! :)