Friday, November 27, 2009


I suppose when your family is in crisis and a big family holiday like Thanksgiving comes up you usually just want to forget it. I sort of thought we might do that this year, but I felt quite inspired to just put something together despite my sad little heart. Besides, in Brent's eyes, this is the most wonderful day of the year, and I had to come through for Brent.

Riley was put on Turkey duty, and oh, did he ever take his job seriously! He worked on that turkey all week, and was on the phone for hours to his chef brother about it. Unfortunately, it was the best turkey I have ever had in my life, and I don't know if I will ever be able to fully enjoy turkey again now that I know what one can taste like.

We had both the small Evans fam (just our immediate family) and the small Sallay crew together again like we have had in years past. Which I personally love, since we can all just spend time together and we don't have to worry about splitting our time between families.

Everything went great, but man I missed my dad. I almost feel like I need to watch the movie My Girl to give myself a good cry. I am also sort of glad that my candied yams did not turn out as good as they usually do since they are Daddy's favorite, and I always make them for him. He has been moved to a new hospital that specializes in getting long-term ventilator patients off of assisted breathing. They seem very proactive and even though he is in loads of pain, we may very well have my daddy home before 2010! I have a lot to be thankful for this year, but above all I am thankful for being blessed with a tremendous father, and for knowing that he is most likely going to live to be a tremendous grandfather for years to come.

Stella was in a mood as everyone was arriving, and was not really participating to her usual standards with pictures. Her outfit was so cute though, and I have to show it off.

Don't be too shocked...Brent overate! I blame the egg nog.


Nicole said...

Thanks for sharing sweetie, I hope that your dad is doing much better.

mistieleigh said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I will still keep you dad in my thoughts and prayers.
Love Stellas outfit too!

Steven and Iva Sallay said...

Iva and I wanted to thank you for organizing and hosting a wonderful Thanksgiving. The food was exquisite, but more importantly just being with your family was very special. I can’t imagine how hard it has been on you with your father being so sick. We are so grateful his condition is improving, and we pray daily that he will soon recover completely. We just want you to know that your father and your family are always in our thoughts and prayers.

Steven and Iva

Bree Biesinger Despain said...

Hi Michelle-

I am so happy that you were able to still have a Thanksgiving gathering. I think rallying with family and friends is one of the things that gets us through these hard times. We had our own sadness this Thanksgiving weekend, but watching our family bond stronger over it was a blessing.

I hope your dad continues to get better. We are praying for him, and you.

Oh, and I LOVE your pictures!

angelicindy said...

Yum, that turkey looks delicious! I'm glad that you were able to have some fun during the holiday. What a relief that you're Dad is making progress.

The Hopkins Family said...

I am glad to here that things are looking better for your father I pray that he will continue to recover and I think of you often.

Love you