Saturday, February 28, 2009


In high school, I was very lucky when I stumbled upon some amazing friends in Drama class. By the end of our Senior year, we were so adorably close, and it was a delight to us all since we were so very different. I've stayed in touch with most of them pretty well over the years, but getting all together is a monumental task, especially considering our friendship spans three states. I love seeing everyone, and I especially love having the rare treat of being all together. It makes me lonely for the days that seem (prepare for cliche) like yesterday. How I loved having my first two periods of class with them, while we wasted away our time on various old dirty couches and an empty auditorium stage. Honestly, high school would have been a pretty dreary place without them. I am so glad that even though our lives are totally different and we are all doing real grown up things like getting books published, getting scripts rejected, buying houses with extravagant recording studios, starting businesses, and having babies, that we still have a tremendous amount of things to chat about when we get together.

I played with the camera to see what kind of pics I could get in my living room without using a flash. Thank you models, thanks to Stef and Nicole for coming to Utah, thanks to Bree and Bricky for providing the meat portion of the meal, and Mistie, we missed your face.


Bree Biesinger Despain said...

That was such a fun night. Thanks for hosting! Do you mind if a steal a few of your pictures for my own blog? Do you have any others you want me to use? Will you email them to me?

Anyway, as we were driving home, Brick and I decided that we need to hang out with you guys more often. Seeing you always makes my week.

mistieleigh said...

Oh so sweet. honestly i have kind of purposefully not looked at your blog b/c i knew the inevitable - that you would be posting this. So sad...sniff, sniff.
The pictures are great anyway...even without my beautiful face!!! but theres always a next time, right?!
I think it needs to be at least once every few years!