Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Announcing the newest addition to the Sallay Accommodations Family. Our basement guest room is open and ready for visitors. Michelle Sallay, president and CEO of Sallay Accommodations is thrilled to be able to give her guests their own private space including a full -sized bathroom. "Before the finished basement, guests would have to stay upstairs with us. It wasn't a big deal until Stella was born and started to take over the upstairs bathroom. We started finding ourselves keeping guests up late just so Stella could take a bath." Brent Sallay, co-founder and CFO told us, "Now that we have this extra space, we can walk around naked upstairs when people stay over and they won't even know."

The Douglas family from Orange County, California was the first family to try out the new space. "The room was very fashionably decorated with a modern flare," explained mom Christy. She added, "The kids slept great and the room was the perfect size." Her husband Geoff told us, "I found the beds very comfortable, and my stay was exceptional." When 3-year old Aedan was asked if he liked staying in the room downstairs, he said, "Yeah. I did."

Michelle says that although the decorating is on the right track she still has more plans for the room. "I am definitely going to add some pictures that I have taken or perhaps a painting or two. I will have Brent hang them though because I hate putting nails in my walls."

Both Brent and Michelle feel really lucky to be able to share this extra space with the people they love, and look forward to hearing what future guests have to say about the new addition in the years to come.

The Douglas family shares a family moment in the new guest room. Photo taken by CEO Michelle Sallay.


angelicindy said...

HA! Michelle, you're so funny! I love reading your blog because of your creativity-both in your writing and photos. Thanks for posting!

Christy said...

Geoff and I both were laughing hysterically!! That was hilarious! Thanks for letting us stay there. Sallay Accomidations rock!!