Thursday, October 21, 2010


Last weekend I had a wedding and my sweetheart Crystal came with me to be my second shooter. We had a very long drive through some absolutely beautiful parts of Utah that I didn't even know existed. After seeing like 20 awesome photo spots and talking about our love for bare Aspen trees, we finally just stopped and took some pictures. It was great to have a little break. Now, I am trying really hard not to talk bad about myself, but when I look at these pictures of me trying to be young and sassy...all I see is a total mom trying to be cool. I feel even worse next to sassy Crystal, but I think these are still worth sharing. I obviously took all of the ones of hottie Crystal and a couple of the tree shots and Crystal took all the pictures of the mom in the pink sweater (me).


Livi Lou Photography said...

Michelle you were born sassy!! You will always be sassy!!

Christy said...

Ok, first of all... love the hair! Second... you look so cute, skinny and sassy! I love it! You don't look like a Mommy to me, you look like Michelle. It makes me smile. :)

angelicindy said...

Mom's can't be sassy? That's a real disappointment! Besides, that photo of you with your camera is AWE-SOME :)