Monday, October 25, 2010


I always like to take a trip up to Idaho Falls around Cy's birthday. It is kind of a fall thing, fueled by my and Heidi's mutual distaste for the season. Stella of course always has the best time. On Saturday, both Cy and Catcher had basketball games. We missed Cy's because it was way too early in the morning, but we made it to Catcher's. Stella was so excited to see a basketball game (hopefully my fears of a sports-loving child will not be realized). She was the best cheerleader ever, always giving a shout out to Catcher while jumping and clapping. Catcher had a lot of fun at his game. Scores were not kept at either of their games, but in my book, I know they won on adorableness alone.

In the afternoon, Stella and the boys took a ride in the Beehive Bug. It is both a bug and a limo and apparently very rare. Craig's credit union bought it for promotional stuff and it was at the house because they used it for Cy's birthday party with his friends earlier in the week. Stella thought the ride was hilarious. With lots of bumping and noise, she was laughing like crazy with her boys in the car. And don't worry, we didn't really let her drive it. She is only two for heaven's sake and doesn't yet know how to drive a stick.

We did nothing on Sunday, just ate and hung out. When we finally got on the road at 7 PM it was raining like crazy and rather windy. As we started on the freeway I thought for sure that it couldn't last forever. But the weather was terrible for three whole hours. I thought for sure that we were done for several times. It was raining so hard that sometimes I couldn't see a thing, then the wind would blow and I thought we were going to blow off the road. Stella was in the back seat saying prayer after sweet prayer and we finally made it home in one piece, although my nerves were shattered.

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angelicindy said...

Stella and the Boys... It sounds like a rock band name and one I would go and see :). Everyone looks great! Thanks for posting!