Friday, February 13, 2009


Even before she was born, my niece Ava has loved to kick and bounce. When she was about 3 months old, her mom Ashley would spend about an hour a day holding her and lifting her up so that she could jump about. After a few weeks of that she decided that she wanted to buy Ava a bouncer, and she left Babies 'R' Us with the most expensive one they sell. Stella has enjoyed bouncing in cousin's toy from time to time, but I was terribly against spending all that money when she seemed to be existing fine without one of her own.

Well it is no real surprise to me, but Stella is a dancer and just HAS to move whenever she hears a beat. (Even elevator music in elevators!) So last week when I let her play in cousin's bouncer (which has awesome baby beats) she was jumping and doing a little jig with her feet, and she was LOVING it! On top of that she is no longer interested in her overhead toys since she wants to be rolling and scooting all over the living room. So I gave in yesterday, bought it, and Daddy put it together (he actually loves putting her gadgets together). I should have just bought it months ago since it appears to be improving both her and my quality of life. Look how happy it makes, while in this contraption she can't roll around the room and get into any predicaments.


Christy said...

Very cool! Aedan loved his also and I'm sure we'll be getting one for Cali soon (Aedan's was Maegan's and is OLD). I'm so glad Stella loves it and it really is easier to get things done when they are happy and immobile! :) Definitely worth the money!

Nicole said...

Ah the excersaucer, definitely one of my favorite baby toys. Worth every penny! Stella is such a cutie.

mistieleigh said...

SUCKER!!!!!!!!!!! We all do it though. I am such a sucker when it comes to both my kids. Heck, i paid $16 the other day to let my kids have a 30 second ride on an elephant and i paid $35 for a t-shirt at the american idol concert for Ashton. Anyway- i love that you bought it for her and i love that it makes her happy.