Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I wanted to have some photo proof that Stella was actually in Las Vegas, so I thought we would take some pictures by the famous welcome sign. Since the last time I was in Vegas, they have made this little pull-out where you can park and take pictures....and it is busy with tourists most of the time. OK, so fine, it is busy, but what you can't tell while you are driving in your car is that it is so LOUD! It is across the street from the airport, and well, the sounds could scare a baby....and they did.

So as soon as my mom puts Stella down and I lay down in the dirt to get my perfect shot, Stella commences to scream. Lucky for everyone else around the sign, her shrieks were dulled by the sound of the airplanes. On top of that my parents were yelling at me and telling me that I was crazy for getting in the dirt. Then I was yelling back that I didn't care, and to let me be. As you can see, there was a lot of yelling and screaming going on during our five minutes at the Las Vegas sign, mostly due to the loud engines just a few feet away. Overall, the experience raised my blood pressure a good deal.

But, you ask: were the pictures worth it? Yes, my friends, they were.


angelicindy said...

you're so funny! And I can totally imagine your conversation :). Plus, the pictures were worth it. I particulary liked the one with Stella screaming. Tickled my funny bone and made me laugh outloud (which is saying something cuz I read it at work!)

Christy said...

Those turned out pretty good!

Nicole said...

Those pictures were totally worth it!

Brandy said...

Totally worth it! You are THE mom/photographer in charge and those Evans better remember it!