Friday, February 13, 2009


Tonight we attended Tyler's gig at High Point Coffee in West Jordan. This was Stella's first time seeing Uncle Tyler play at an official gig. Have you ever been to a concert and seen a baby and thought that the parents were crazy and ruining their child's hearing? Well it doesn't happen often since I am sure that most parents think about that sort of thing and DON'T bring their babies to loud events. Well, we aren't that smart I guess, and as the first few fellows played we tried to put tissue in Stella's ears. She was fine when it was in, but it kept falling out. When we tried to put it back in her ears she would scream. We looked like awesome parents tonight...I am sure of that. (If you look closely at the pics of Stella you can see said tissue.)

Anyway, I was as usual impressed with my brother. He has a lot of stage presence and his songs are complicated, insightful, and many times hilarious. I was making fun of how my dad is hard of hearing the whole night, and I have total proof that he is deaf now. One of the last songs Tyler played was one of my old favorites, "Desert Floor." Just a few songs later, Ty asked for any requests and my dad yelled out "Desert Floor!" It must be hard to be so deaf that you miss entire songs! I hope that Stella doesn't take after her grandfather and have to learn how to read lips now to compensate for her bad ears.
Brent also had some tissue in his ears, but since he has already sufficiently ruined his hearing as well, I think he was only trying to muffle the sounds of the first act.

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Brandy said...

I don't know how I missed this post, but I'll send you a picture of Mason that this post made me think of. Stella is more than welcome to borrow these fantastic set of 'ears' anytime. ;)