Friday, July 10, 2015


Ashley wanted some pictures, so we headed up to a little trail that she likes for some nature. Ashley was not thrilled to realize the purple flowers that were there last spring were nowhere to be found, and it made her a little bit less patient as she hiked in her Kate Spade high-heeled boots. Then Finn was like: "Hey guys, I'm ready for a nap." But I pressed forward anyway and thankfully Ava was on game.

Come to find out the purple flowers were some sort of poisonous flower/weed and they had gotten rid of it so that is why the pretty colors were nowhere to be found. Oh well, at least we were able to get into a fight with a lady jogger at the end of the shoot. It isn't an event with Ashley without some sort of confrontation with locals. He he...these still turned out very cute, and the memories will live on forever.

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valerie sallay said...

What a good looking group of people! That baby Finn.. He is adorable! And Ava looks as sassy as ever!