Wednesday, July 8, 2015


It is no secret that I am behind on getting my pictures all edited and shared. I guess at some point you get so behind it feels like you just can't catch up! But I still hate the idea of my pictures never making it in my beloved blog books so I will press forward, even if I just found pictures that I totally forgot about from September!

So I was looking for our pictures from our recent trip to Idaho and clicked on a folder that said "idaho" and lo and behold, I find these pictures from our September 2014 trip. Now that I see the pictures I do remember taking them, but I swear I have no memory of dragging my cumbersome camera up there for that trip. I thought all my pictures were only on my phone.

I was really delighted with them, especially the ones of Catcher, Wyn, and Stella playing in the swing set. Their faces...oh my gosh, so cute. And already they look like babies compared to how they look now. All of them have aged way too much this year! So here they are, along with some pictures of the kids playing a road game that they made up to play in the driveway in the rain later on in the trip.

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