Friday, July 10, 2015


The day after Easter, Stella and I found ourselves with some time on our hands since she was still on spring break from school and we didn't have Porter so we decided to go downtown to Temple Square and play tourists.

We went to see the Christus, then to see the organ recital in the Tabernacle. After that I made Stella pose for tons of pink blossom pictures by the temple. Spring is my favorite season of course and it was so beautiful around all the grounds with all the tulips and pink trees. (Note the picture of Stella holding up four fingers to share that she has lost four teeth).

We also enjoyed watching a two minute movie about the Savior over and over again in this little theater. I was fighting tears the whole time as we watched it again and again.

Then to end the day of trying things I'd never done we went to the top of the Conference Center. It was a very nice view but we were a bit worried as we were stuck on a tour and our two hours of parking was quickly running to an end.

Stella was relieved to find our car without a ticket and we went on our way after having shared a lovely afternoon together.

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valerie sallay said...

so fun!! and Stella of course looks absolutely ADORABLE! Come teach my kids it's cool to wear jeans..