Thursday, July 9, 2015


Oh Easter, how I love you so! You really are the best of holidays. This Easter was really delightful from beginning to end. The Easter Bunny was incredibly clever this year. He knew that Stella was older this year and was up to the challenge of some trickier hiding spots. Stella's favorite? When she went into the bathroom and found an egg in the toilet paper roll. It was so cute, her sucked in breath of excitement as she discovered each egg.

We then went to church of course and then later that evening we headed to Ashley's for dinner which was delicious. Stella and Ava were excited to discover that the magic jelly beans they had planted earlier that week had indeed sprouted candy! It was a real surprise! ;)

 My parents were in Florida for the holiday and I have to say I did miss them a lot. Having us all together while the babies were being adorable just made me miss them more. After dinner we had a short hunt and then we just took some pictures. It is always fun to have my two babies Porter and Finn together and I am so lucky that their moms will share their babies with me. They make me so happy and I can't get enough of either of them. Between Porter's smiles and Finn showing us his muscles, it is almost too much cuteness for me to handle. And on top of that I've got my girls. I really love my little family.

Overall, it was just a really nice day and the kind of day that makes me remember again how much I really love Easter.

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valerie sallay said...

So FUN!!!! Easter is a great Holiday.