Friday, July 10, 2015


This spring we were "lucky" enough to be able to attend two college graduations. Now if you are needing an exercise in pure patience, then attend a university graduation. Oh man.

To be fair, Kathy's graduation at Utah State wasn't too long and they gave you ice cream at the end. But it did take the whole day to drive up there and back. I was joking with Brent as we were driving to Logan about how John might have hurt feelings because we didn't go to his graduation and Brent was like: "Did he graduate from Utah State?" Then: "Oh, we probably weren't even invited." And lastly: "Well it isn't like we would have really seen much of him." To which I replied: "Duh, don't you remember when he lived and went to school in Logan?" Then: "Yes, I am pretty sure we were, John was valedictorian." And lastly: "He was the student speaker!" So anyway, I regret missing that, but have been assured by Valerie that I can see the video of John's speech anytime, and I'm looking forward to it!

After Kathy's graduation, Mark organized a dinner at a park that was really yummy and super fun.

Tyler's graduation was full of so many people getting their PhDs and so much blah blah blah about all these annoying academic types that I had a hard time not falling asleep. But I remained alert until they announced Tyler's name which was more then Porter could do since he couldn't even be bothered to stay awake until his daddy's name was called. :)

We were all extra proud of Tyler! Even tiny Porter was proud.

We made sure to get pictures of Stella with the caps and diploma cases just in case she graduates from either college:

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valerie sallay said...

Congrats to them! So exciting and such an accomplishment!