Thursday, July 9, 2015


On the Saturday before Finn's March 9th birthday, we all gathered at his house to celebrate him being adorable for a full year. I had spent the entire day making my new sugar cookie recipe for the first time and they turned out pretty ugly but they tasted amazing.

Finn was in good spirits as usual for his big day. He was looking dapper in his jacket that his auntie (me of course) purchased for him before he was born. Then he was a good baby while he ate dinner with everyone. He loved opening presents too, but of course was easily distracted by the wrapping paper which he loves.

I had the idea of taking a picture of everyone blowing noise makers at him to celebrate and he really hated that. But no worries, then it was time to sing happy birthday and blow out the candles...which then also made him cry! Oh no! How could we turn this evening around for the birthday boy? I know what you are thinking, and that is what we did: we threw all sorts of sugary treats in his face and all joy was restored. And that Finners, he makes one adorable messy baby.

I'll never forget the moment Finn was born where I experienced a very surprising moment of love at first sight. I knew we were special friends from that moment. At one he is turning into a bit of a mommy's boy, but he still gets excited to see Auntie.. The first year of his life went by so fast and it made my year so much happier.

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