Friday, July 10, 2015


It was April 15th and a storm came through unlike any we had seen all winter. In fact, it was a Wednesday when I usually went and helped at the school, and the hill to her school was so wild with inexperienced snow drivers that we actually parked at the bottom of the hill and walked. Now I am not shy about how much I hate snow, but I always love a big spring snow. For this storm, most of the spring pinks were gone from the trees, but there are these late bloomers over by a cemetery close to our house and so after helping at Stella's school I popped by and was dazzled with what I found. The heavy wet snow had made curtains of white and pink tree limbs. It was awesome. So of course I made Stella head over after school. The snow was melting quick so I had to take her first thing. She was cold and hungry, but eventually got into it and posed it up for me. The sun came out and the snow was basically gone only a few hours after these pictures were taken. It is always the temporary beauties of nature that get me the most jazzed. Plus Stella, she is pretty always.